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About CustomerTrain

CustomerTrain was established in 2014 by Anne-Marie Lose.

After 5 years as a Director and shareholder of the Customer Service Training Network, which she had been part of building up from scratch, she decided to start up CustomerTrain which would not only benefit trainers, but also businesses that wanted to provide outstanding customer service.

With the experience of several successful networking events and Awards as well as years of customer service and admin under her belt the company was established.

Her passion is customer service and she believes that it is through training, the right qualifications and the right attitude, that businesses as well as people progress in today’s society.

CustomerTrain provides training courses and themed events to an audience of corporate organisations as well as individuals within a variety of industries. It is targeted at individuals interested in bettering their skills through training as well as organisations who wish to develop their staffs potential.

A variety of courses will be arranged by CustomerTrain throughout the year. Requests for courses not advertised are also taken and CustomerTrain will try to find an appropriate trainer to run the course. This can also be done as an in-house course if preferred.

Themed events will be held a couple of times a year and are open to everyone interested in customer service. These events will include inspirational speakers, interactive sessions and workshops with plenty of scope for networking and new inspiration. Please email your ideas to us.

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