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Nickie Hawton

Nickie Hawton CustomerTrain
Nickie’s initial career was in the travel industry, where she gained over 15 years of operational and senior management experience, in the UK and Europe. This included recruiting and managing teams of customer-facing representatives, negotiating contracts and managing relationships with European suppliers, and running the sales and customer service contact centre and support functions. Nickie gained invaluable practical experience of managing change, introducing a call quality monitoring and coaching programme and designing and managing the amalgamation and multi-skilling of front- and back-office teams.

Since 1997, Nickie has provided expert consultancy, insights, skills training and coaching services to a wide range of organisations in the UK, Europe, South Africa, the USA and Australia, across all kinds of industry sectors, including financial services, healthcare, media and communications, business software and utilities. She is also an experienced conference speaker and facilitator and is a professionally qualified manager, trainer, performance and life coach and NLP Practitioner.

Nickie is co-founder and Director of Definity, a respected and inspirational consultancy, established in 2011, that focuses on understanding and improving the human element in every type of interaction between an organisation, its customers and its employees.