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Peter Cooksley

Peter Cooksley Customer Train
Peter Cooksley began his career in sales in the early 80’s running his own business in the retail sector.

In early 87 the opportunity arose to become a sales manager for a large British manufacturer. During his 9 years as a sales manager he was top sales person on 2 occasions and finished in the top 5 every year out of a group of 40 sales people.

In 1997 Peter took the role of Sales Training Manager creating a new department for an American owned company. His responsibilities included all UK and European sales staff and designing and facilitating all sales programmes for the business. During this period sales and profit was increased significantly. The success of this was broadened to training our client’s staff to sell more professionally and to align their sales to their business plan.

Peter started Top Banana Training Ltd in March 2000. Our top banana philosophy focuses on our core expertise and is summed up by our 6 E’s. We deliver everything we do with Energy, Enthusiasm and Enjoyment whilst Engaging, Educating & Entertaining.