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Helping you to create outstanding Customer Service

Target audience

Customer Service / Care / Experience Directors, Managers and their teams


  • Evaluate the Customer Service that your Customers receive
  • Deliver the Alive Customer Experience (ACE) workshop to your team
  • Decide objectives of your Customer Service using ACE, linked to KPIs
  • Plot Alive Customer Experience onto your Customer Service processes
  • Identify, prioritise and plan actions to instil ACE into your Customer Service
  • Decide accountability for follow-up over a sustained period

Options for Content

  • Exercise in sub-groups: SWOT Analysis prepared by a range of stakeholders
  • Alive Customer Experience workshop (invite a range of stakeholders too):
  • Competition: estimate key CS Research
  • Sub-group exercise: 3 types of Customer Need
  • Learning: the 7 principles of Alive Customer Experience ©
  • Pair exercise: live Customer Service evaluation
  • Feedback from your Customer Service against ACE model (if appropriate)
  • Options: more in-depth workshop, training for your ACE coaches
  • Team exercise: agree S/T, M/T & L/T Customer Service objectives
  • Brainstorming exercise: how can ACE be applied to enhance your current offering?
  • Team exercise: prioritise and plan actions to apply Alive Customer Experience
  • Team exercise: agree accountability for Alive Customer Experience follow-up


  • Consider training that is doomed to only moderate long-term impact. The common culprit? Lack of
  • follow-up: itís that simple! We will help you to attain your objectives by:
  • Listening in the way you expect a coach to listen to really clarify the outcomes first
  • Support you and your team to deliver ACE to achieve the results you want
  • Help implement when time is short: live observations & coaching of front-line staff
  • Maintain accountability
  • We will also actively market your outstanding service to promote your business (eg blogs, tweets,
  • case studies with your permission)

For more information please Email CustomerTrain Limited or call Anne-Marie on 0777 389 9234.